Piphany Stylist: Women's Trendy Clothing Line

Posted by Heidi Jentz on

Wearing: Bradbury Dress from Piphany 

What on earth is Piphany?

Piphany is a trendy Women's clothing line. Our founder Diane, sat down one day and made a Maxi skirt for her daughter in college. Everyone loved her skirt, her friends asked if her mom could make them skirts as well and before you know it a business was made! Diane started up Honey & Lace in California. Over the last few years Honey & Lace was making a name for themselves. Back in September 2017 they rebranded themselves [People were confusing their name with lingerie] and are now called Piphany. 

Find our more about this company at www.piphany.com

Where can I find Piphany clothing?

I have been a Piphany Stylist since August 2017 with my good friend Jamie. You can join our Facebook group where you can shop until you drop. The great thing is you do not have to get out of your jammies :)



More about how Piphany shopping works

As stylists we can select the size and styles we want but we cannot choose our prints, they come to us at random. How fun is that? 

If you see something in our group you'd like to purchase all you have to do is comment SOLD. It is as easy as that. 

So you are like Lu La Roe?

We are similar as we sell Women's clothing. We are a better choice because 
  • We fit true to size 
  • We are more affordable :) $19-49
  • We carry more solids
  • Our prints aren't gaudy 
  • Our styles keep up with what's on trend
  • We change with the seasons 
  • Better quality 
  • Made in Sunny, California (slowly outsourcing out of the country but quality has not been effected, All items are sent to quality control in our US warehouse before shipping out  to our Stylists)