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Tassel Bracelet- Dark Turquoise and Pink

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your sister or a friend then look no further! Tassel jewely is a hot trend right now! You see them everywhere. I created a fun and unique looking tassel brassel. It is made out of 8mm synthetic turquoise and 8mm immitation glass jade beads. Each bead is seperated by brass golden disc beads. The gold gives this bracelet a lot of pop!

Bracelet 'Tassel Bracelet- Pink and Dark Tuquoise'

Color: Pink, dark turquoise and gold
Size: 7.5"
Type: Stretchy
Pearl Size: 8mm
Tassel: 2" Long

Synthetic turquoise beads (dark tuquoise)
Immitation Glass Jade Beads (Pink)
Embrodiery Floss
Brass Golden Disks

Handmade in my jewelry studio in Minnesota
Pretty gift box - ready for gift giving

- Q:Can I have this in a different color?
A: Yes, I only have a mock of one design for now. Please message me with the colors you were thinking

-Q: I do not wear gold, is there anyway I can have this bracelet with silver instead?
A: Yes, I can offer this in a gold version as well.

-Q: How do I know the 7.5" will fit me?
A: The best way to figure out your wrist size is with a tape measure. If you do not have a tape measure a piece of string and a ruler will work. Measure around your wrist (where you want the bracelet to sit) Mark down that size and then add 1/2" If you like your bracelet to move up and down your wrist add an 1" Message me if you still have questions.